Interview with Ken Winslade

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00:00:12 - Introductions

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Partial Transcript: Well I'm kind of a unique individual that I was born in New Westminster, went to school in New Westminster and worked my whole career in New Westminster...

Segment Synopsis: Ken tells us a little about himself including where he was born, where he grew up, and where he lives now. He talks about his career in parks and recreation in New Westminster, eventually becoming the City Manager.

Keywords: Basketball; Burnaby; City Manager; Parks and Recreation; UBC; University of British Columbia

00:03:44 - How did you become involved in the Canada Games?

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Partial Transcript: I mean that's that's a interesting little story where one day I was, I must comment that I had a city, when I was first went with the city...

Segment Synopsis: Ken talks about how he became involved in the 1973 Canada Summer Games in Burnaby - New Westminster, and being called into the mayor's office for a meeting to discuss the city's bid.

Keywords: Bid; Burnaby; Mayor; Meeting

Subjects: Bidding; Organizing the Canada Games

00:06:19 - What were some of the challenges you faced in hosting the Canada Games? How did you overcome them?

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Partial Transcript: Well I think the first issue was just I guess I call it early skepticism, you know including myself and the city manager saying "how are we gonna ever pay for this?"

Segment Synopsis: Ken explains some of the challenges they faced with organizing including building new facilities and coordinating responsibilities between the two partnering cities of Burnaby and New Westminster. He states they had a $4 million total operating budget for the 1973 Canada Summer Games in Burnaby - New Westminster.

Keywords: Arena; Bill Ramsell; Burnaby; Chilliwack; City of Champions; Community Center; Concessions; Coordinating Committee; Dairyland; Event Management; Facilities; Finances; Host Society; Logistics; Lottery; Major Norman Henderson; Munson; Sports Capital; Swangard Stadium; Swimming pool; Tickets

Subjects: Built Legacy; Organizing the Canada Games

00:14:03 - Was there any transfer of knowledge from previous Canada Games host societies to aid your organizing process?

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Partial Transcript: No 'cause there had only been the one games before us, what was it, Dartmouth, Halifax area? I think that was 1969 we had no real knowledge of that and there wasn't...

Segment Synopsis: Ken talks about how he and other organizers of the 1973 Canada Summer Games gathered knowledge from other multi-sport events and event venues as part of their planning for the Games. He also talks about the legacy that the city's new swimming pool had in the community afterwards.

Keywords: Air Canada; Commonwealth Games; Edinburgh; Fun; Mayor; Montreal; Pan-Am Games; Queen's University; Scotland; Swimming Pool

Subjects: Built Legacy; Sponsorship; Sport and Recreation in Canada

00:21:47 - What are some of the long-term legacies that the Canada Games left behind in New Westminster and Burnaby?

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Partial Transcript: Well I think the I think the big thing at the end of the day was the incredible pride that the city residents took in the success of the Games and the Games were super successful...

Segment Synopsis: Ken talks about the community pride that existed, and says the community had 3,000 volunteers participate in the 1973 Canada Summer Games in Burnaby - New Westminster, with a reunion even held 25 years later for the community. They were so successful that the city actually ended up with a surplus which they put into what they called the Amateur Sports Fund.

Keywords: Amateur Sports Fund; Baseball; Canada Games Pool; Fitness; Parks and Recreation; Softball; Stadium; Swim Meet; Swimming pool; Totem Pole; Volunteers

Subjects: Arena; Built Legacy; Community Partnerships; Hockey; Organizing the Canada Games; Volunteering

00:30:03 - Are there any memories from the 1973 Canada Games that stand out in your mind?

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Partial Transcript: Oh gosh well I mean the Opening Ceremonies I just remember the, you know the coordination of making it all work just was just quite something...

Segment Synopsis: Ken talks about some fond memories from the 1973 Canada Games including the large crowds and the skydivers at the opening ceremonies. He also points out that at this time there was no age limit, and the oldest athlete participant was a 76-year-old lawn bowler.

Keywords: Age Range; Crowd(s); Denny Veitch; Dignitaries; Diving; General Manager; Lawn Bowling; Opening Ceremonies; Portable Bleachers; Skydiver(s)

Subjects: Organizing the Canada Games

00:33:55 - Do you have any memorabilia from the Canada Games?

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Partial Transcript: Well I have, I don't know why I kept them, that's an interesting question, most of the stuff was at the Parks and Recreation office...

Segment Synopsis: Ken talks about a few of the pieces of memorabilia that he and the people working at the City of New Westminster held onto after the Games were over.

Keywords: Bid book; Crest; Desk Flag; Green Jacket; Host Society; Pin(s)

Subjects: Bidding; Pin collecting

00:35:31 - Was pin collecting already a big part of the Canada Games in 1973?

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Partial Transcript: You know I honestly don't recall it being a big deal but maybe because I just wasn't in the nuts and bolts of the the athletes' village...

Segment Synopsis: Ken talks about the pin collecting at both the Canada Games and at the BC Senior Games.

Keywords: BC Senior Games; Pin(s); Triangle

Subjects: Pin collecting

00:37:05 - What was the impact of the Canada Games on your career in sport and recreation?

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Partial Transcript: After the Games I got quite involved in a lot of the provincial stuff. I was a member of the amateur sports advisory committee for the province...

Segment Synopsis: Ken explains how his work in organizing the Canada Games helped further his career, not just position-wise but also with his attitude towards his job and towards management of the Parks and Recreation Department for the City of New Westminster.

Keywords: Acting City Manager; Fitness; Fun; Grants; Labour strike; Parks and Recreation Director; Selection Committee; Skill Development

Subjects: Built Legacy; Career Impacts; Sport & Recreation in Canada

00:44:36 - What was the role of sport & exercise in Canadian culture and society during the 1970s? Have things changed since then?

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Partial Transcript: There were two things, when I grew up basically the City had an outdoor swimming pool and five playgrounds in the city and the whole, that was the basis of a recreation service they didn't do anything else...

Segment Synopsis: Ken talks about the differences in the city's approaches to youth sport in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, and how he saw it evolve throughout his lifetime.

Keywords: Community Center; Schools

Subjects: Sport & Recreation in Canada

00:49:43 - How did you see the provincial government shift its policy towards recreational services?

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Partial Transcript: Well the biggest, two things happened in the 1970s and one is that after many years of the social credit government the NDP government got in I think in 1971 or something...

Segment Synopsis: Ken explains the government shifts in attitude and in policy towards recreation provincially.

Keywords: Broom Report; Community Recreation Facilities Fund; Eric Broom; Ice Arena; Langley; Leisure Pool; Provincial study; Swimming Pool

Subjects: Built Legacy; Government Relations; Sport & Recreation in Canada

00:54:38 - Why are the Canada Games important? What do they mean to you?

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Partial Transcript: Well I think they, I think as I sort of reflect back I think the what the Games really, what really struck me when it was all over was first of all the opportunity for the young people of the time to to participate...

Segment Synopsis: Ken explains the importance of the Canada Games for giving young athletes a place to compete nationally at a high level.

Keywords: Community pride; Greg Joy; Swimming pool; Volunteers

Subjects: Built Legacy; Canadian Identity; Sport & Recreation in Canada; Unity Through Sport

00:58:56 - What do the Canada Games teach about what it means to be Canadian?

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Partial Transcript: I don't know, I think it's just the interaction of people from various parts of Canada give people a better understanding of what it's, you know what it's like in your part of the country.

Segment Synopsis: Ken compares the Canadian attitudes towards sport and recreation with that of his colleagues in the United States.

Keywords: Conference; National Recreation and Park Association; Presentations; United States

Subjects: Canadian Identity; Unity Through Sport; Volunteerting

01:01:23 - Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

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Partial Transcript: I guess just personally it really was a great moment in my life, it had a great effect on my life, on my success as a professional...

Segment Synopsis: Ken wraps up the conversation by stating his pride in the work done in New Westminster, and the fact that the parks and recreation philosophy had become implemented in so many different parts of the city.