Interview with Andre Gallant

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00:00:13 - Introductions

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Partial Transcript: I do like to talk about myself so I do have to be reminded from time to time that I'm dragging it on a little too much. I grew up in New Brunswick...

Segment Synopsis: Andre talks about how he got his start in the Canada Games at the 1985 Canada Summer Games in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Keywords: Fitness and Amateur Sport; Football; Mount Allison; New Brunswick; UNB

00:03:39 - Please briefly describe your relationship to the Canada Games.

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Partial Transcript: So my boss Tim made a point of introducing me to Jack Pelech, as an example, who was chair of the Canada Games Council at that time.

Segment Synopsis: Andre talks about how he became involved in the Canada Games, and the importance of networking during his university years.

Keywords: 1985 Canada Summer Games; Canada Games Council; Cape Breton; Host Society; New Brunswick; Saint John; Sport Canada; Student; Univeristy

00:13:10 - Can you talk a little bit about what organizing the Canada Games was like before and after the incorporation of the CGC?

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Partial Transcript: First five years were at Sport Canada, doing the Canada Games stuff in support of the Canada Games Council and one of my last things from within the federal public service was to support the Canada Games Council in its efforts to incorporate and move out of government.

Keywords: Canada Games Council; Government; Sport Canada

Subjects: Government Relations; Organizing the Canada Games

00:16:55 - How did you view the Canada Games when you were young and a prospect for the wrestling and track and field teams?

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Partial Transcript: Sure, that's that's a good question, so the first time through for '79 in wrestling, first off I was not a good wrestler and my coach knew it, ok? My high school coach knew it.

Segment Synopsis: Andre talks about his high school and university athletic career, and his view of the Canada Games in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Keywords: Coach; High School; New Brunswick; Referee; Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean; Wrestling

Subjects: Sport & Recreation in Canada

00:25:27 - What has been your experience with pin collecting at the Canada Games? Do you know how it started?

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Partial Transcript: So I I don't know... I I don't know that turning point of getting um... I have an original host society logo pin from the 1967 Canada Winter Games.

Segment Synopsis: Andre explains what he believes to be the origins of pin trading at both the Canada Games, and larger sporting events like the Olympics.

Keywords: Commonwealth; Official(s); Olympics; Pin(s); Saskatoon; Whitehorse; Winnipeg

Subjects: Pin collecting

00:33:50 - You describe the 2007 Winter Games in Whitehorse as the "Best Games Ever." Can you tell us why you feel this way?

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Partial Transcript: Yeah, any of you ever been to Whitehorse or been to the North? So, I'd already been to the North a few times um, part of my job when I was with, with Sport Canada was also handling the Arctic Winter Games.

Segment Synopsis: Andre describes his experience at the 2007 Canada Winter Games in Whitehorse.

Keywords: Arctic Winter Games; Community; Leadership; North; Piers McDonald; Politics; Whitehorse; Yellowknife; Yukon

Subjects: Bidding; Built Legacy

00:47:41 - Can you take us through the bidding process for the Canada Games?

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Partial Transcript: So and and there's clearly been an evolution to that and I might not be 100% current although it's one piece that I've stayed or that I've tried to stay up on a little with Kelly-Anne...

Segment Synopsis: Andre talks about the history and evolution of host society bidding for the Canada Games.

Keywords: Canada Games Council; Community; Host Society; Indigenous; Kamloops; Kids; Miꞌkmaq; National; Niagara; Politics; Province; Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean; Territory; Whitehorse

Subjects: Bidding; Canadian Identity; Drug Testing/Anti-Doping Movement; Education; Government Relations; Inclusivity in Sport

01:17:09 - Do the Games play a role in unifying Canadian provinces & territories?

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Partial Transcript: Ok, so I think I have described some of it, right? Certain populations that could gain a disproportional benefit if it's if it's done well.

Segment Synopsis: Andre gives his perspective on the role of the Canada Games in unifying Canadians.

Keywords: Broadcasting; Hockey; Sidney Crosby; Sponsorship; TSN; Unity

Subjects: Canadian Identity; Media; Unity Through Sport

01:31:46 - What are you looking forward to most at the 2022 Canada Summer Games in Niagara? Is there anything you hope to see?

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Partial Transcript: If I don't get to a sport that'll be ok so long as I see the people that I want to see. Right? It's it's an excuse... it's it's gives us a point on a calendar where I can plan to get together...

Segment Synopsis: Andre talks about what he's excited to see at the 2022 Canada Summer Games in Niagara, and how he's looking forward to catching up with certain people more than viewing any particular events.

Keywords: Friends; People

Subjects: Friendships at the Canada Games